We would like to give a special thanks to the curator Dr. Clair Chinnery, who has gone to great lengths to understand and maximise the potential of every student, and also to our brilliant tutors Dr. Paul Kilsby, Tiffany Black and Stephen Cornford. 

Thank you to Dr. Alexandra Trott as the Fine Art Subject Coordinator and to Dr. Larry Lynch who has been a great support during his first year as Head of the School of Arts. We would also like to give a huge thank you to our talented technicians David Lloyd, Ruth Millar, Adrian Pawley, Niall Greaves and Hannah Wilmshurst for all they have taught us over the years.

We send our gratitude to Oxfordshire Art Weeks for their help promoting the show, and to George Panton, CEO of Framd, for their incredibly generous contribution and partnership with this year’s body of artists.

Finally, thank you to Sally Hughes and Andrew Brockbank for kindly sharing their time and skills to help make this catalogue.


This year we have been immensely fortunate to be largely sponsored by Framd, a free app for artists and art admirers alike. We thank them for the fantastic opportunity, and would also like to thank the following sponsors, who have made the show possible through their support. Teabelly Teas, Craft Burger, Clean Machine, Sanders Antique Prints & Maps and Broad Canvas are some wonderful independent businesses, mostly local to Oxford, that directly support the arts through their contribution. 

Hoi Polloi 2018 – Degree Show Committee

Chairs : Jemima Hall and Katie Ullyart

Head of Catalogue : Eleanor Monk

Head of Design : Enrique Tarazona

Head of Marketing and Online Media : Annie Le Santo

Head of the Private View : Samuel Hall

Head of Fundraising : Maria Unger

Head of Events : Bethan Elford

Treasurer : Siân Klein

Sponsorship : Daisy Cox and Anne Griffiths

Secretary : Katrina Gill

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